Importance of training

Training is an integral part of any successful business. Most employers are aware of their moral and to some extent, their legal responsibilities under current legislation,but the importance of environmental health and safety at work needs to be appreciated by staff at all levels throughout your company.

International Courses

Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH)– United Kingdom.

IOSH is the world’s leading professional body for people responsible for safety and health in the workplace.

Its highly regarded training courses provide essential information, tools and skills for its members and their colleagues, suppliers and customers. Its membership grades are linked to internationally recognised qualifications, with Chartered Membership of IOSH acknowledged worldwide as the hallmark of professional excellence in workplace safety and health.

Course Ref Course Duration Certification
IOSH/LS/01 Leading Safely 1 Day CHESS
IOSH/MS/02 Managing Safely 4 Days IOSH
IOSH/SS/03 Supervising Safely 3 Days IOSH
IOSH/WS/04 Working Safely 1 Day IOSH

Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) – United States

The ECSI provides first aid, CPR, and other emergency care training courses that lead to certification that meet job-related requirements as defined by hundreds of regulatory authorities throughout the world. Our courses are delivered throughout a range of industries and markets.

The ECSI standards are from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American College of Emergency Physicians. These two Governing Associations develop and provide the standards for Emergency Medical Services throughout the world.

Course Ref Course Duration Certification
ECSI/BFA/01 Basic First Aid 1 Day ECSI
ECSI/AFA/02 Advanced First Aid 2 Days ECSI
ECSI/DD/06 Defensive Driving 1 Day ECSI

Local Courses

CHESS (Trinidad) Limited has developed its own programmes on a wide range of health & safety and related fields.

Tailor-made Courses Offered

Tailor Made Courses Offered For clients seeking a more tailored approach to environmental health and safety training, we specialise in devising, tailoring and presenting courses to meet the particular needs of each client. From the many varied options available just tell us what subjects are most appropriate for you and we will design or recommend as we feel fit.


Course Ref Course Duration Certification
Occupational Health
CHES/POH/01 Principles of Occupational Health 1 Day CHESS
CHES/SAW/02 Substance Abuse at Work 1 Day CHESS
Occupational Hygiene
CHES/IOH/01 Introduction to Occupational Hygiene 1 Day CHESS
Occupational Safety
CHES/AI/01 Accident Investigation 1 Day CHESS
CHES/BBS/02 Behavioural Based Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/CSS/03 Confined Space Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/CSA/04 Confined Space Safety Attendant 1 Day CHESS
CHES/CHR/05 Cranes Hoists & Rigging Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/ES/07 Electrical Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/FLS/08 Forklift Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/FS/09 Food Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/HC/10 Hazard Communication 1 Day CHESS
CHES/HAS/11 HSE Awareness for Employees 1 Day CHESS
CHES/LOT/12 Lock Out/Tag Out 1 Day CHESS
CHES/PWS/13 Permit to Work System 1 Day CHESS
CHES/PPE/14 Personal Protective Equipment 1 Day CHESS
CHES/SC/15 Safety Committee 1 Day CHESS
CHES/SS/16 Scaffold Safety 1 Day CHESS
CHES/WH/17 Working at Heights 1 Day CHESS
CHES/IEI/01 Introduction to Environmental Issues 1 Day CHESS
CHES/EM/02 Environmental Management 2 Days CHESS
Fire Safety
CHES/FW/01 Principles of Fire Safety/ Fire Warden 1 Day CHESS
CHES/FF/02 Fire Fighting 1 Day CHESS
CHES/FEI/03 Fire Extinguisher Inspection 1 Day CHESS
Quality Assurance
CHES/PQA/01 Principles of Quality Assurance 1 Day CHESS
Risk Management
BSC/PRA/01 Principles of Risk Assessment 1 Day CHESS