Recruitment of HSE professionals is another service offered by CHESS (Trinidad) Ltd through our Recruitment Division. We have been offering this service over the past seven (7) years and have established ourselves as one of the reputable recruitment agencies of its kind for both permanent and contract positions, and now believe that we are at the forefront of our profession.

Benefits To You

  • No money is wasted on advertising.
  • No time is wasted on interviewing unsuitable candidates.
  • No time is wasted on checking references and qualifications.

Positions Offered

Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety Co-ordinators
  • Health & Safety Advisers
  • Health & Safety Managers
  • Health & Safety Inspectors/ Officers

Risk Management

  • Risk Assessors
  • Risk Managers

Occupational Health

  • Occupational Health Advisers
  • Occupational Health Managers

Occupational Hygiene

  • Occupational Hygienist


  • Environmental Technicians
  • Environmental Officers/Specialists.
  • Environmental Managers

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Managers


  • Industrial Firemen/Women